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And so it begins...

Just like that, our belongings were moved into a POD and they were whisked away for safe keeping. The POD was delivered on a Thursday, the movers came on a Friday and it was all done by Friday evening. At least as far as the stuff that we wanted to put in the POD was concerned. A few more days of going through things that we no longer needed and it was off to my daughters with multiple loads, to start our new living arrangement in her and my son-in-law's home. We are so fortunate to be able to live with them and my sweet granddaughter, while these renovations take place.

Wednesday of last week marked the first day of demolition. It is amazing to see what was under the plaster of our sweet old home. It just baffles me how these homes can still be standing after all these years. The craftsmanship in the "old days" must have been incredible. When I look now at the walls that separate the inside from the out, it is interesting to see the wood that was used and to realize that it is still in good shape. You can see from these pictures that back in the day of this house's making, the wood used to form the walls was not even the same size in many cases. It is rough in texture and looks nothing like any 4x4 that I've seen at Home Depot.

This is only the beginning and I am anxious to see more happen. This week's assignment is to find hardware for our glass doors that will face the lake in the kitchen. Not sure why this needs done at this point but our contractor seems to think we need it chosen sooner than later. So tomorrow Jim and I will go and pick it out at the showroom. Who am I to mess with a schedule? Fingers crossed this all goes well :)

And so it has begun.........

Stay well,


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