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New Year, New House!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Happy New Year Everyone!

It has been a while since I have updated this blog. I missed my house this holiday season but then again there was a lot I missed about this whole year. To the uneducated eye it didn’t appear that much was going on at the house. Each time I went there it reminded me of a giant indoor dirt ball. Finally, about the week before Christmas I broke down and spoke with our contractor. I told him exactly that - that to my uneducated eye it didn’t appear that much was happening. I asked him for assurance that things WERE happening and that we were still on target for a late spring return date. He allayed my fears. HVAC people had been there as they try to figure out how to utilize our existing HVAC system for part of the house and install a horizontal HVAC system for another part. Have you ever heard of a horizontal HVAC system? I have not and to me it sounds like a serviceman’s nightmare but… apparently that is what we need.

So, here’s what happened during the month of December. A three-foot crawl space was hand dug out from under the entire house. I guess that is why it appeared as nothing was happening and took so long to complete. Now that is done the duct work, vent work and HVAC system will be placed. Matt, Luke and Jim worked at the house last Sunday removing the old boulder foundation walls, preparing the space for this ductwork and vent placement. Anything we can do to move this process along, Jim is up for. Between you and me I think he likes working on our house.....I cannot say that I am certain the boys felt the same way. (See the progression over the last few months)

During the Christmas week we began picking out the tile for the master bath, main bath and mudroom. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted for the master bathroom when I stepped into Tile and Stone Works. I had seen a type of tile on the Houzz website and had been trying to get a hold of the company that sold it. I was not successful and so was hopeful that I could find that tile here at Tile and Stone Works. Although it was not to be found, I feel as if I found something in line with what fits the home’s time period and maintains its elegance.

The palette of marble basket weave and straight marble maintains the feel that I was hoping for.

In the main bathroom that will be located off of the living room I am planning a fun vibe. With a wall mount sink and a penny tile floor, the vintage visual impact that I am working for should be achieved. I’m still looking for someone to build the floor mosaic that I designed for this floor but have not been successful in finding that person just yet. I don't have pictures of that palette, I was so sure of what I wanted for that room I failed to take the pictures of the samples :(

The only room that I really do not have a vision for, with regards to tile, is the mudroom. We will be using some form of subway tile for the dog shower that will be housed in this area, but the flooring is stumping me.

Most mudrooms today utilize the large rectangular ceramic tile. It is both durable and beautiful, but I just can’t wrap my head around what a home that is 164 years old might have had in the past. At this time, I am thinking of utilizing small octagon shaped tile, with a subtle, flower-like pattern. Brandon from Tile and Stone Works is working to find the color combination that I am asking for. Still not sold on my choice but lucky to have time to make changes.

And so, as the new year has turned, I am looking forward to the rebirth of our home. This week lumber was to be delivered for the framing of our roof and kitchen. With this shipment, the rebuilding will begin which is my hopeful theme for this new year. I’m looking forward to having the demolition behind us and the ability to look toward putting my sweet home back together again. As always, Nora has been my absolute silver lining to the year just passed and will continue, no doubt, to keep me happy as we see this project through.

Happy New Year,


*A little New Year's Eve tasting with FRE champagne - alcohol removed ;)

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