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"Renovating not only restores the house but restores the story of the home" Ty McBride

It’s been awhile since I have been able to add a post. The beginning of July met with many wonderful days and nights as my family came home to spend a week on the lake. Nothing is better in my opinion than hot summer days and warm summer nights that kept the lake chilled enough to cool us off when we jump in, but warm enough that it didn’t feel like an ice bath when that leap was made. I was sad to see my youngest and his girlfriend go home. However, we were able to get a few family pictures, taken by an old friend turned fantastic photographer, LeDonne Photography. I am happy to say that the only one giving us a bit of a run for our money was our sweet little Nora. It did, however, bring back so many memories of having to bribe my kids for that just out of reach perfect Christmas card picture every year. For as trying as those times were with my own when they were kids, Nora's, less that enthralled with the whole event attitude, did not seem to bother any of us.

Our house is moving along with the planning stage. The “trades” have gone through the house and they will hopefully bring their first bids to us soon. What a weird event to be a part of. It is rather odd, to stand and listen to workers talk about tearing up your house! Of course, I knew this was something that had to be done but when they are actually standing in your yard discussing how they are going to tear off this and remove that, well it is just a strange and unnerving act to be a part of. Each trade came, looked and left with diagrams and dimensions so as to come up with a plan. At this point the date for, as Chip Gaines would say, “Demolition Day,” is September 1, 2020. Before I know it that day will be here and in the meantime packing and storing will be our mode of operation. I feel like I just did this but it was 2 years ago and thankfully we got rid of probably 33 of the 35 years of “Collected Stuff.” Now we really need to decide what we are going to keep for the new house and what we will give to our kids and/or sell.

Kitchen plans have been reviewed and comments/requests are in. I still can’t believe that I am able to make this the kitchen that I’ve always wanted. Never in my dreams, did I ever think that this would be a possibility and yet here it is. Believe me when I say it is both nerve wracking and exciting. Nerve wracking because I want to get it right (this just might be my last shot at designing an entire new kitchen just the way I want it) and exciting because, well it is such a fun thing to think about and for 2020, that is a welcomed distraction.

Even though our plan is to get the house ready for demolition and remodeling, I was able to work on a couple of minor projects while readying the house for the week of July 4. With inspiration from Liz Marie Galvan’s book “White Cottage,” and of course my favorites Chip and Joanna Gaines, I repurposed a table found in the back of our old garage and made a potting station of sorts. It turned out way better than I expected and only required a bit of elbow grease. Ok, more than a bit. But with the help of stainless steel wire brushes attached to the end of my drill, a fantastic product, Rust Reformer, which allowed me to coat any rust that was left and then of course Rust-Oleum to spray paint the legs, it came together over a few days. Multiple coats of polyurethane, out of a spray can, for the wood top and the table was complete. Such a cute place to work on and store gardening supplies and a fun project to do. Take a look at the outcome of this sweet little spot.

The second item built was a playhouse for Nora. Jim and Matt worked on this sweet little house for Nora and she loves it. Instructions read that it would be able to be built by one person in 4 hours. Let’s just say that wasn’t entirely correct but the end product was awesome. One day next summer it will be incorporated into the landscape so that Jim doesn’t have to move it every time he cuts the grass. For now Nora loves it. Loves playing in it, hiding in it and sharing it with her little friends.

By the end of next week, the bids should be in and then Jim and I will have the difficult task of honing in our “wants” so that we can afford our “needs.” I have no idea how much of what we want, we will be able to fit in our budget but my fingers are crossed for the best.

Until next time,

Stay well,


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