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What happened to my bedroom floor?

The progress I see each time I visit our house is both amazing and frightening. Today we met with our contractor, Sam Moraco, and faced a few more issues within the walls of our old house. It's hard to believe that no more than 2 months ago we were living in this place. Now the floors are completely gone as they make way for the new floor to be put in. Before that happens all of the boulders that can be seen around the perimeter of the room will be removed to allow for a crawl space under the new floor. Our discussions today centered on the bathroom which is in the middle portion of this photo. Jim and I are hopeful that a walk in shower, a zero entry, of sorts, will be able to be constructed. Originally, this was not going to be possible but now that the timbers have been removed and a completely new floor must be constructed, the idea is back on the table. Funny how things work out sometimes. The same type of construction was also enabled for the guest bathroom positioned off of the living room. Small victories but victories all the same.

A new discovery occurred in the old kitchen area. As is the case in the master bath area, the timber joists that are currently in place will need to come out to allow for level floors. Level floors is definitely on my NEEDS list. And so, just as in the master bath a whole new floor will be constructed after removal of the timber joists. Currently, there is a half brick wall that separates the side entry into the house from the lake room. The lake room is a step down from the entrance. This wall is, in my opinion, a safety feature. Without it, I would be the first one to enter the house and promptly step off this one step and break my ankle. 😏 Sam really wanted to take that half wall out to allow him more freedom in constructing and leveling the floor in that area. Sooooo, my opportunity to use a piece of history of this house, the floor joists, as part of a newly constructed banister of sorts as seen in this picture from Pinterest. Sam and Jim both like this idea and felt this was a viable option. Another win for me :)

Last weekend Jim and I met with John, from Wittocks Kitchen and Bath, to pick out faucets and sinks for the house. What a fun process that was. So many options for the choosing. I realized that when Jim says that he doesn't really care what I pick out...he really doesn't mean it. I also realized that we have similar but not the same idea about what the master bathroom should look like. And finally, I realized that it was so fun to have complete control over exactly what was going to be put into the house..... with Jim's acceptance, of course :) I'm not buying the $5000 Kitchen sink faucet, even though I want see he has some say!

Finally, Josh, our roofer from Webber Built Roofing and Remodeling was dumbfounded at the number of roofs we had on our house. He told us that it was a record for him. We had eight, yes eight roofs that have to come off. Apparently, the inhabitants of this house, and there have been more than a few over the years, preferred adding a roof to the existing one instead of taking the worn one off. This is going to take some time! Thanks goodness for this beautiful Michigan Fall that we are having. The roofers have been on it every day, knowing our luck with good weather will not be here forever. As we left, the lake looked more beautiful than I remembered. I miss the tranquility of it. It makes me yearn for the completion of this project.

But....I would miss all my Nora time. Waking up to that child and kissing her good night, not to mention all the time in between, well that is what makes this crazy world worthwhile. She can make any bad day a good one again with a simple smile. We need to learn from our littles.

Stay well,


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